RSIBS has cross-sector perspective, combined with proven analytical skills, helps clients tackle essential issues. These include: identifying micro market and micro segment sales opportunities; developing customer insight; understanding end customers' buying factors and pricing sensitivities; and designing targeted marketing strategies to increase conversion.

RSIBS work with clients and expertise in every high-tech subsector provide clients with exceptional marketing and sales resources and insight. Specifically, we provide clients with services and assets in the following capabilities:

  • Branding
  • Consumer & Buyer Insights
  • Customer Life cycle Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Return on Investment

RSIBS specialists work side-by-side with our industry and functional experts, adding a critical dimension to our traditional consulting work. We partner closely with clients to help them produce results–rapid, significant, measurable improvements in productivity, cost, quality, time-to-market, and other metrics.

We work intensively with clients across all industries—from mining and manufacturing to banking and retail sales—to obtain lasting and substantial performance improvement through operational transformations, reorganizations, post-merger integrations, and new strategies.

This approach builds on RSIB's tradition and track record of going beyond recommendations to assist clients with pilots and transformation programs in areas like operations and sales. By deploying highly qualified implementation consultants—typically experienced former line managers—RSIBS can drive implementation broadly across organizations, generating more rapid results and building lasting client capabilities. Our support model is flexible and designed to meet specific client needs.