We support our private equity and principal investor clients in defining their business and investment strategy, including fundraising and limited partner communication. To execute these strategies successfully, we help our clients find the best organizational design and governance approach at fund, holding company, and portfolio levels, as well as provide functional capability training to actively drive value in portfolio companies. We also provide our services on various operational issues like risk management.

RSIBS has deep experience serving alternative investment managers across these topics. Over the past several years, we have completed more than hundred assignments on strategy, organization, and operations topics.

Examples of our work include:

  • Helping a mid-market growth firm refine its investment decision making to the point it successfully expanded its international presence into developing markets
  • Working closely with a global mega-fund to define its firm-level strategy for the next 1 year and then prioritize the supporting institutional shifts
  • Helping another global mega-fund identify and resolve areas of operational risk in its investment decision-making and portfolio company oversight processes
  • Redesigning the compensation structure for a leading global hedge fund