Before implementation begins, we work with clients to design programs that fit their unique circumstances. We also identify and manage potential roadblocks and risk factors using a proprietary assessment tool. Since every project is different, we customize the team configuration—the intensity and duration of support—according to the unique needs of each phase of the project. For instance, we might deploy a large on-site team when implementation begins, then transition to part-time coaching as the client staff gains experience. In all cases, we provide start-to-finish assistance, working with clients as long as needed to achieve the desired results. With major efforts, clients may ask that we remain involved for a year or more.

These capabilities allow us to develop insightful and practical marketing and sales strategies that target opportunities emerging from high tech's unique dynamism. For example: Consumer usage and decision making around converging digital devices Marketing and sales in post-merger environments High-performing indirect channels (e.g., Cloud computing, Analytics and EIS)

Marketing Mix Optimization and Promotion ROI analytics are some of the assets profiled in "Improving Return on Marketing Investment (Marketing ROI)" in high tech, which describes how to optimize returns on marketing by focusing on a broadly defined set of marketing spending levers and on how to apply detailed analytics to monitor and track program effectiveness.

Go-to-Market in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) offers essential insights for how best to reach small and medium businesses, which we estimate will constitute almost 60 percent of total spending on IT.

Sales Growth reveals how leveraging predictive analytics as well as tech-enabled sales approaches can help companies identify and reach underserved markets segments accurately and quickly.